Automated employee referral programs for restaurant staffing

Automated employee referral programs for restaurant staffing

Hire with peace of mind

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Find reliable and vouched-for candidates

Your employees pre-screen candidates they already know or have worked with and send you the candidates they trust.


Set up is a breeze

We ask you a few simple questions, and ta-da! You have a ready-to-launch employee referral program, including announcement materials and a referral tracking system.


Sit back & watch the referrals and resumes come in

We collect referral comments from your employees and resumes from applicants, so you can find everything in one spot and hire quickly.


Keep your employees in the loop

We auto-notify your employees of new job openings and keep them informed with regular updates on the statuses of their referrals. We even count down the referral payout period with them so they know exactly when they will receive their bonuses!

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Reward your employees

Reduce the costs of turnover and recruiting and reward your employees with referral bonuses! We deliver the bonuses to your employees automatically after 90 days.



Start hiring more from employee referrals

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